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RIPIN - Launchfilm

Agency 10ctd
Client Ripin Racing
Directors Harald Schaack, Theresa Andresen
Executive Producer Marco Breidenbach
DP Alejandro Gomez
Steady-Cam Operator Stefan Knapp
DP (Düsseldorf) Severin Strauss
1st AC (Spain) Paula Capdevila Jaramillo
1st AC (Berlin) David Gaiser
1st AC (Berlin, Düsseldorf) Rafa Quesada
Grip Team Grip Support
Gaffer/Lighting Designers Thorben Winkler, Felix Schirmer
Set Design Hannah Siegfried
DIT & Drone Operator Denis Sokolowski
Photographer Harald Schaack
Sound Design Moritz Staub (Staub Audio GmbH)
Colorist Moritz Bastian
Color farbstudio